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Version: 1.26 (Current)

Log Error

Audience: Citizen Developer

Skill Prerequisites: System Administration

This action logs an event of the type General Exception to the site's Admin Logs. You can specify a message that is included in the standard Exception Message template. The message generated by this action can be viewed in Plant an App configuration under Logs > Event.

Typical Use Cases

  • Log an error message in system logs when a specific event triggers this action.

Don't use it to

  • Log an alert or general informational message - Use Log Event instead
Action NameDescription
Log EventWrites a message to Admin Logs of type that is selected when the action is configured

Input Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
MessageEnter a message to include in the Message property of General Exception that is writtent to the system log.YesEmpty StringNo


1. Log a General Exception when a SQL Query Errors

Import this action into the On Error section of a Run SQL Query action to log the SQL Error if the query returns an error. Utilizes the standard tokens generated by the action on error. Follow this action with an error message displayed to the user.

"Title": "Log Error",
"ActionType": "LogError",
"Description": null,
"Condition": "",
"Parameters": {
"Message": "Exception: [ExceptionType] - [Exception]\nQuery Executed By: [User:Username]([User:UserId])\nQuery: [SQL]\nMessage: [ExceptionMessage]"