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Version: 1.25 (Current)

Hotfix Notes v1.25

Instructions for Upgrading AppBuilder and Modules

Please note that failure to follow these instructions may result in a broken instance of AppBuilder, and additional technical support may be required to resolve any issues that arise.

Backups of the file system and SQL Database are highly recommended before proceeding.

Users on AppBuilder (AB) version 1.25.99 or Lower

  • Verify your current AB version: Before attempting to upgrade, identify your current version of AppBuilder.
  • Removed (Jan 2024): Manually upgrade to AB 5.25.105 or higher: If you're on AB 1.25.99, you must manually download and install at least AB 5.25.102 to move past the AB 1.25.100 version barrier. Contact support for to request the download and for instructions on how to install it.
  • Upgrade AppBuilder first: Prioritize updating AppBuilder to version AB 1.25.105 or higher before installing individual modules.
  • Install the latest AppBuilder hotfix: After upgrading past AB 1.25.105, make sure to further update to the latest available hotfix.

Users on AppBuilder Versions Between AB 1.25.105 and AB 1.25.143

  • Bulk install recommended: If your version falls within this range, you're safe to proceed with a bulk installation of all the latest hotfixes, which should handle the necessary upgrades in the correct order.
  • Avoid individual module installation: Do not install modules individually before ensuring AppBuilder is upgraded to the required version of AB 1.25.164 or higher.

Users on AppBuilder Version AB 1.25.143 or Lower Desiring Individual Module Upgrades

  • Upgrade AppBuilder first: Prioritize updating AppBuilder to version AB 1.25.164 or higher before installing individual modules.
  • Check module requirements: Refer to the change notes for each module to confirm the minimum AppBuilder version required.
  • Update modules after AppBuilder: Once AppBuilder is at the correct version, proceed with individual module upgrades as desired.