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Migrate/Upgrade document


  • You may find additional helpful information on our compatibility page.
  • Best practice - perform the upgrade on a clone to encounter and resolve issues without impacting your production site
    * Clone the site* Upgrade the clone per instructions* Test the site
  • Add steps to take backups of the site - site crashes can occur during upgrades & backups can help you avoid data loss or having to start over from the beginning
    * Initially* Along the way
  • Each backup must include an SQL Database & DNN File System
  • All modules must be upgraded to the same level (version & subversion) before moving on to the next step.

First checks#

  • If you have very old DNNSharp modules, you will need to upgrade all of them incrementally. For this process, please contact our support and provide the following: all the modules installed and their versions, DNN Version Installed, .NET Framework installed. After we will analyze it, you'll receive a new list with all the download links that you'll need for the incremental upgrade process. After that, you’ll have all the DNNSharp modules & addons to the latest versions of 5.0.x.
  • If you have DNN 9.3.1(or lower) installed, please make sure all your DNN Sharp modules are upgraded to the latest 5.0.x version before upgrading DNN or to DNN Sharp 5.1+ modules. Even if you already have a 5.0.x version of a module installed, confirm it is the last 5.0.x version that was released for the module. If you aren't sure you have the latest version of a 5.0.x module, please contact us.
  • If you use our URL Adapter module, please do not forget to disable it before the upgrade process begins. This way, you will get rid of any conflicts that may occur during the upgrade process, due to various module settings. You will be able to enable the module after the entire upgrade process is complete.
  • Here is a list of all the latest module versions you need for this upgrade path.

Upgrade steps#

  • Upgrade all the products to the latest 5.1.x.
  • Upgrade the DNN to 9.3.2.
  • Upgrade all the products to the latest 5.6.x.
  • Install .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or 4.8) .
  • Upgrade the DNN to 9.6.1.
  • Upgrade all the products to the latest 5.9.x.
  • Upgrade the DNN to 9.7.2.
  • Upgrade all the products directly to the latest 5.12.x OR Install the AppBuilder 1.12.91 and install all the dependencies.

    After the AppBuilder installation, please add it on a new page, which must be named "Configuration".

  • Upgrade the DNN to 9.9.1.
  • Upgrade all the products directly to the latest 5.14.x OR Update the AppBuilder from the Updates Page.

If you don’t have the AppBuilder installed already(from the above steps), please log in to the and download the latest released AppBuilder, from the Downloads section.