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Version: 1.25

Common Parameters for All Actions

Audience: Citizen Developer

Skill Prerequisites: None

All actions in Plant an App have three common input parameters that are not listed in the input parameter reference for each action documented on this site. Those three parameters are listed below.

Common Input Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
DescriptionA short description for the action. While this field is not required, it is recommended because it will help understand the purpose of the action without having to expand it when examining the Action Stack.Noempty stringNo
Error MessageAn error message that will be shown when an error occurs in this action. If left blank, the system default error message will be shown. Administrators will also be shown a detailed message.Yesempty stringNo
ConditionThis boolean expression determines if the action will execute. Use it to enable or disable actions programmatically. For example, you could put a condition on a Display Error Message action that uses the output token of a previous action where you have parsed the response from a web service for a known error. You can reference any token in the context, such as Form fields, output tokens from other actions, or Plant an App system Tokens. A common example is [SomeField] == “Some Value”.Yesempty stringNo