Display Message

Audience: Citizen Developer
Skill Prerequisites: HTML

This action displays a postback message after a form is submitted or before it initializes if used in the On PreInit or On Init settings.

Typical Use Cases

  • Display a confirmation message to the user.
  • Use field tokens to show the user the data submitted.
  • Show the user information on further action they can take.

Don't use it to

  • Debug - Use Log Error or Log Debug Message

Related Actions

Action NameDescription
Display Toast MessageDisplays a simple notification/information message to a user in a small popup. Use this when you don't want the page to postback.

Input Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
MessageThe content to display. Allows HTML input. Use the Append Field dropdown to automatically add specified field names followed by the field token into the message or the Append All Fields button to add all fields. Fields are added to the end of any content you may have already entered.Yesempty stringNo
Action ButtonsOptionally, you can bind one or more buttons from the form. For example, you can add a button and set an action on it to redirect to another page or to download a file.NoUnsetNo


1. Simple Confirmation Message

Shows a simple confirmation message addressing the logged in user by name.

"Title": "Display Message",
"ActionType": "ShowMessage",
"Description": "Show confirmation to user after submission",
"Condition": null,
"Parameters": {
"Message": "<p>Thank you [User:FirstName] [User:LastName]! Your response has been submitted.&nbsp;</p>",
"ButtonsList": {
"Expression": "",
"Value": [],
"IsExpression": false
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