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Version: 1.26 (Current)

Execute JavaScript Code And Continue Execution

Audience: Low-Code Engineer

Skill Prerequisites: JavaScript

These actions allow you to execute javascript code when a button is clicked, similar to the code you you may enter in the on change/click field of a button or form field. You can run the code and then stop all further actions, or run the code and allow subsequent actions in the stack to run.


IMPORTANT: The javascript code that you run using this action will execute by following the order of the actions on the button (ex: first run an sql query and then run javascript code) while the javascript code you enter in the on change/click field of the will be executed before all actions on the button.

Actions Covered by this Document

Execute Javascript Code And Continue ExecutionRuns the javascript and then continues to subsequent actions on the button and submision.
Execute Javascript Code And Stop ExecutionRuns the javascript and then stops further execution of both subsequent actions and HTTP post submission. Use this action either conditionally or because you want the button to act client-side only.

Typical Use Cases

  • Make changes to the appearance of a page, such as hiding or displaying an element or changing CSS
  • Add interaction with a third party feature on the page

Don't use it to

  • Interact with other Plant an App features on the page. Use Plant an App or DNN Sharp special actions instead (e.g. Open Form Popup And Stop Execution or Filter Listing)

Input Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
Javascript CodeThe JavaScript code to run (Full syntax supported). To export values back to the process, use return statements.Yesempty stringNo

Ideas on How to Use

  • Condition the execution of the code by using boolean expressions (or conditions that upon execution will evaluate to true/false)
  • Run multiple final actions available in the public APIs (like initform, openpopup, closemodal,etc.)