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Version: 1.26 (Current)

Connectors Overview and usage

Audience: Citizen devs System/Security Administrators

Skill Prerequisites: System Administration and Maintenance

Plant an App's Connectors enable outbound connections to other platforms. They can be subsequently used at the connection stage in order to enable Actions to be executed remotely. In this section you will be able to define and configure them.

Plant an App Connectors

Plant an App allows you to define Connectors for Dynamics Service Credentials (for Microsoft Dynamics CRM service), GitHub, Slack (through Webhooks), SMTP servers and UiPath. To create a new connector, click the NEW button in the upper part of the screen.


From the same screen you can also Test the connection of an existing connector, Edit it or Delete it.

For each connector, you will need to define a Name and a Type (see below).

Specific settings by type

Dynamics Service Credentials

Organization Service URLNeeds to be in a specific format; please see the official Microsoft documentation for more information.
Organization Unique NamePlease see here.
DomainOptional parameter; to be used when authenticating through Active Directory.

GitHub credential type

GitHub Personal Access TokenSee the official GitHub documentation for setup.

Slack (Webhook)

Webhook URLPlease see the official Slack documentation about how to send messages using Webhooks.
Default ChannelDefine the default channel to which the messages will be sent; this field supports both #channel and @user values and can be overwritten in the process definition.
User NameOptional field; if defined, this user will appear as the sender of the message in Slack.
Icon URLOptional field; specify the URL of an icon to be displayed next to the sender's name (must be Slack icon URL).
Emojispecify an emoji as defined in Slack (e.g. :smiley:).

SMTP Credential Type

SMTP Authentication ModeThe accepted values are: 0 (Anonymous), 1 (Basic) or 2 (NT LAN Manager).
SMTP Server and PortServer and Port of the SMTP server.
SMTP Max Idle TimeConnection inactivity time out.
Host EmailUsed for testing the credential.
SMTP Connection LimitMaximum number of messages per minute that can be sent.
Enable SSLAccepts true/false and 1/0 as values.

UiPath Account credential type

Tenant NameSpecify the UiPath tenant name to authenticate upon.
Username or Email-