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Read Multiple Entities

Retrieves multiple entries from the Dynamics CRM server based on conditions with ability to order the results. The resulting Dynamics CRM entities are mapped into a DnnSharp List. This list can be use in further 'Execute Actions for each List Entry' actions that will iterate through the list and execute the Action List provided on each list.For entity attributes of type EntityReference (e.g. Customer, Lookup, Owner) additional tokens will be created to expose the name and logical name of the reference. Tokens are: [<EntityPropertyName>:Id], [<EntityPropertyName>:Name] and [<EntityPropertyName>:LogicalName]

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
Context Entity NameThe name of the DnnSharp entity that will store the resulting list of Dynamics CRM entities. The values can then be accessed using some of the actions in the 'Entities' and 'Serialization' action groups.NoNone
Logical NameNoNone
Id MappingThis specifies the name of the context token where the Id of the CRM entity will be stored. If empty, the Id will not be exposed as token.NoNone
Attribute MappingNoNone
Order ByNoNone
Result CountNoNone
Page NumberNoNone
Paging CookieOptional. You can pass the Paging Cookie from a previous Read Multiple action to continue the reading.NoNone
Output Paging CookieOptional. It can be used in a future Read Multiple Entities action to retrieve paged results, when the query returns many results.NoNone
Output Total Records CountOptional. It contains the the total number of records the query returned.NoNone