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Stripe Payment with Token (not SCA compliant)

Available in: Form.

Create a payment through you stripe platform, using a one-time token generated by the 'Stripe Credit Card' field. You can use the [Stripe:ChargeId] token if the payment to platform was succesful.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
API CredentialsSelect the Stripe API credential that you want to use.NoNone
Application Fee PercentagePercentage of how much the application will charge based on the amount field. Use dot to separate decimals. (Ex: 2.35) Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Application Fee Fixed AmountA fixed amount that the application will charge. This amount is added after the Application Fee Percentage. Use dot to separate decimals. (Ex: 0.50) Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Payee EmailCan contain My Tokens.YesNone
DescriptionDescription of the payment. Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Payment TypeStripe supports multiple payment types. Using the Standard Payment, the funds will be credited to the current account (defined by the API Secret Key). The other two methods rely on the Stripe Connect feature to forward the funds to a connected account. The Connected Account must be set using the Payment To parameter below. More information can be found here.NoNone
Payment ToOptional. Needed when the Payment Type parameter is set to forward the founds to a Connected Account. This is the ID of the Connected Account on behalf of which the payment is made. Does not work with the account of the platform. Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Card FieldThe Stripe Credit card field.NoNone
AmountAmount that is going to be transfered (in cents). Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
CurrencyCan contain My Tokens.YesNone
On SuccessDefine a list of actions that should execute when this action's result is Success.NoNone
On ErrorDefine a list of actions that should execute when this action's result is Error. You can see the error message in [Stripe:ErrorMessage].NoNone