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Version: 1.25


General Description

Users is the page where you can control the management of the users from the platform, you can create new users, add new roles to the existing ones, delete some roles or delete them from the platform.

Create User

On the top of the page you have the NEW button that will open an pop-up.

Add User

  • Email - Must be a valid email address that will be used as the Username in the platform for the new user created.
  • First Name - First Name of the new user.
  • Last Name - Last Name of the new user.
  • Roles - Here you select which role the new user will have in the platform.

Edit User

In the listing below the button you will see this icon (Pencil) which will open the same pop-up as the NEW button from the top of the page, but now it already have Email, First Name, Last Name, Roles already completed with the values from the User that you want to edit.

Grant Role \ Revoke Role

If you want to assign more roles for a specific User you can edit it and give him new Roles by checking the check-box for the specific Role. For the revoke part you simply uncheck the role that you want and the click on the Save button.


In the platform each Email represent an User, you can't create 2 users with the same e-mail address.

Delete User

Deleting an User from the listing button (Trash) will delete it permanently from the platform. This operation is irreversible.


If you delete all the roles from an User from the listing, you will lock him away. This operation it is recoverable by an user with Administrators Role.