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Version: 1.25

Open Tabs Popup And Stop Execution

Audience: Citizen Developers

Skill Prerequisites: Using Form Builder

This action allows you to open a specified Tabs from the same page in a popup. Depending on the Action selected, the remaining actions will also execute.

Actions Covered by this Document

Open Tabs Popup And Continue ExecutionOpens the specified Tabs instance and then continues to subsequent actions on the button and submission.
Open Tabs Popup And Stop ExecutionOpens the specified Tabs instance and then stops further execution of both subsequent actions and HTTP post submission.

Input Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
Select ModuleSelect the Tabs you wish to open in a popup. Optionally, click the EXPR button to tokenize the selection of the Tabs IDYesEmpty StringNo
QueryString ParametersOptionally, you can enter Name and Value pairs that will be passed to the Tabs being opened in the popup. The Tabs in the popup can reference these values using the [QueryString:Parameter] token syntax.YesUnsetNo