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Version: 1.24

Send SMS via Clickatell gateway

Send SMS to cell numbers, via Clickatell gateway.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
Clickatell Api KeyRequired. A valid api_key must be passed to clickatell in order to authenticate and establish a session. The value for this mandatory parameter can be found logging in online and going to SMS Integrations. It is the REST API key. Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Sender IDThis is the SMS Sender ID or the Two-way Phone Number. Leaving this field empty, to use the default from the Clickatell website, works only for one-way messaging. Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Phone Number(s) to Send TOSMS messages need to be sent in the standard international format, with country code followed by number. No leading zero to the number and no special characters such as "+" or spaces must be used. For example, a number in the UK being 07901231234 should be changed to 447901231234.If you use Send Bulk please use one of the following separators: Line feed ("\r"), Carriage Return("\n"), Line feed with Carriage Return("\r\n"), Semicolon(";"), Comma(","). Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
MessageThe text of the Short Message. This is used to add message content. Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Response Token NameThe token name where to store the result received from clickatell. Can contain My Tokens.YesNone