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Version: 1.22

Load User

Audience: Business Users

Skill Prerequisites: User management

An action that allows altering the user which the subsequent actions refer to. The user change affects all actions after the Load User action and after all actions have finished executing the user will be reverted back to the initial one (i.e. the logged-in user). By default, all actions that need a user for their execution will refer to the currently logged in user.

This action also supports loading multiple users by providing multiple user identifiers. The last user identifier provided will also be used as the context user under which all actions execute. Loading multiple users creates a hidden context entity that is leveraged by the following actions which support this:

When used in conjunction with the actions above, the logic applies to all users that have been loaded into the context by the Load User action. For example, the Grant Role action will assign the specified role to each and every user loaded into the context.

Calling the Load User action the second time inside the same workflow will replace the context user that the actions use and add to the list of context users (the Users entity) that actions such as Grant Role leverage. If a user is already present in the Users entity he will not be added again.

Typical Use Cases#

  • Update another user profile
  • Loading the user before granting the necessary roles
  • Loading users before sending a mass email

Don't use it to#

Related Actions#

Action NameDescription
Grant RoleGrants the users in the context the specified roles.
Send EmailSends an email to the users loaded in the context.
Update User Profileupdates user profile properties.

Input Parameter Reference#

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
User IdentifierThe identifier which will indicate which user to load into context. You can use the user ID, username or the email as identifiers.
You can load multiple users by providing multiple values separated by a comma.
Yesempty stringYes
Portal IDThe identifier which will specify in which portal to look for the user indicated by the 'User Identifier'. If left blank, the action will search for the user across all portals. Valid values are either the portal ID or the portal name.YesAll PortalsNo


1. Load a user and grant it the Subscribers role#

The actions below will load the user with the identifier (user email) '' into the context and then grant him the role Subscribers with an indefinite expiration date.

{    "Title": "Load User",    "ActionType": "LoadUser",    "Description": "Load the user into the context",    "Condition": null,    "Parameters": {        "Id": "",        "Portal": ""    }}
{    "Title": "Grant User Role",    "ActionType": "GrantUserRole",    "Description": "Grant the Subscribers role",    "Condition": null,    "Parameters": {        "RoleId": {            "Expression": "",            "Value": "2",            "IsExpression": false,            "Parameters": {}        },        "RoleNames": "",        "DateSelectionMode": {            "Expression": "",            "Value": "OffsetFromNow",            "IsExpression": false,            "Parameters": {}        },        "ExtensionDays": "",        "StartDate": {            "Date": ""        },        "StartDateToken": "",        "ExpireDate": {            "Date": ""        },        "ExpireDateToken": "",        "RoleExpiration": ""    }}

2. Load a user and update it's first name and last name#

The action exports below will load the user which has the email and update it's Last Name and First Name with the corresponding values coming from two text box fields.

{    "Title": "Load User",    "ActionType": "LoadUser",    "Description": "Load the user into the context",    "Condition": null,    "Parameters": {        "Id": "",        "Portal": ""    }}
{    "Title": "Update User Profile",    "ActionType": "UpdateUserProfile.v2",    "Description": "Update current user's Last Name and First Name",    "Condition": null,    "Parameters": {        "UserIdentifier": "",        "UpdatePasswordField": {            "Expression": "",            "Value": "",            "IsExpression": false        },        "UpdateDisplayNameField": {            "Expression": "",            "Value": "",            "IsExpression": false        },        "UpdateEmailField": {            "Expression": "",            "Value": "",            "IsExpression": false        },        "AdditionalProperties": [            {                "UserProfileProperty": {                    "Value": "FirstName",                    "IsExpression": false,                    "Parameters": {}                },                "PropertyValue": {                    "Value": "FirstNameField",                    "IsExpression": false                }            },            {                "UserProfileProperty": {                    "Value": "LastName",                    "IsExpression": false,                    "Parameters": {}                },                "PropertyValue": {                    "Value": "LastNameField",                    "IsExpression": false                }            }        ]    }}