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Version: 1.22

Load Users From SQL

Audience: Citizen Developer
Skill Prerequisites: User management SQL Users Table

An action that loads users into a hidden context entity of users in order to be leveraged by other actions.

The following actions support the Users hidden entity:

Calling the Load Users From SQL action the second time inside the same workflow will add to the already existing list of context users (the Users entity) from the previous call. If a user is already present in the Users entity he will not be added again.

Typical Use Cases#

  • Loading the users before granting the necessary roles
  • Loading users before sending a mass email

Don't use it to#

  • Alter the context user which the actions use, leverage Load User instead

Related Actions#

Action NameDescription
Grant RoleGrants the users in the context the specified roles.
Send EmailSends an email to the users loaded in the context.

Input Parameter Reference#

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
SQL QueryThe SQL query will define what users will be loaded into context from the database. The SQL result must be a user ID, a user email or a user name.Yesempty stringYes


1. Load a list of users and grant the Subscribers role#

The actions below will load all the users into the context and then grant them the role Subscribers with an indefinite expiration date.

{    "Title": "Load Users from SQL",    "ActionType": "LoadUsersFromSql",    "Description": "Load all users into context",    "Parameters": {        "SqlQuery": "SELECT UserId FROM Users"    }}
{    "Title": "Grant User Role",    "ActionType": "GrantUserRole",    "Description": "Grant the Subscribers role",    "Condition": null,    "Parameters": {        "RoleId": {            "Expression": "",            "Value": "2",            "IsExpression": false,            "Parameters": {}        },        "RoleNames": "",        "DateSelectionMode": {            "Expression": "",            "Value": "OffsetFromNow",            "IsExpression": false,            "Parameters": {}        },        "ExtensionDays": "",        "StartDate": {            "Date": ""        },        "StartDateToken": "",        "ExpireDate": {            "Date": ""        },        "ExpireDateToken": "",        "RoleExpiration": ""    }}