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Version: 1.25

Send SMS using Twilio

Send a direct SMS using Twilio integration.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
Twilio API CredentialsSelect the Twilio API credentials that you want to use.NoNone
From NumberSpecify a number to send a message from. This must be a purchased number from your Twilio account or a SenderID. The number must be in E.164 format: [+][country code][phone number including area code] . Note that some users in other countries may see a Sender ID instead of your phone number. Read more on Twilio Support Center.Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
To NumberSpecify a number to send a message to! This must be in E.164 formatting: [+][country code][phone number including area code] .Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Sms BodyCan contain My Tokens.YesNone
Status Callback URLIf you have any API (or a DNN API Endpoint) you can configure an URL that will receive an HTTP POST request with the status of the sent message. Possible statuses can be found in Twilio Documentation. Note that the Twilio sends a POST Http request with the tracking data. See more on 'Twilio Track Delivery Status of Messages' page. The status can be found in 'MessageStatus' property. Can contain My Tokens.YesNone
Output Token MessageIdDefine an output token name which will hold the MessageID of the sent SMS. If this field is empty or whitespace, it will default to "Twilio".NoNone
Ignore ErrorsPass to the next action executionNoNone
On ErrorDefine a list of actions that should execute when this action's result is Error. You can see the error message in [Twilio:ErrorMessage].NoNone