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Version: 1.25

Twilio Parse Webhook SMS

Parse a Twilio SMS webhook when you receive an SMS. This action reads from the current request only.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
Output TokenDefine an output token name which will hold the information regarding received SMS. If this field is empty or whitespace, it will default to "Twilio".Outputs the following tokens: [<OutputToken>:MessageSid], [<OutputToken>:AccountSid], [<OutputToken>:MessagingServiceSid], [<OutputToken>:From], [<OutputToken>:To], [<OutputToken>:Body], [<OutputToken>:NumMedia], [<OutputToken>:FromCity], [<OutputToken>:FromCountry], [<OutputToken>:FromState], [<OutputToken>:FromZip], [<OutputToken>:ToCity], [<OutputToken>:ToCountry], [<OutputToken>:ToState], [<OutputToken>:ToZip]. Note that the localization tokens may not be available in all countries. Check Twilio documentation for more information.NoNone