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Version: 1.25 (Current)

Version Control (on-prem)

Audience: System/Security Administrators

Skill Prerequisites: System Administration and Maintenance

This section covers the setup and usage of the Version Control feature for the self-hosted version of Plant an App.

Version Control through the Multi-Environment Orchestrator

For the on-prem/self-hosted deployment type of Plant an App, the Version Control feature requires the installation of the MEO (Multi-Environment Orchestrator) server as a prerequisite.

MEO allows you to push and pull changes in an environment or move them to a second environment (e.g. development or QA) by leveraging the use of a GIT-based Version Control System such as GitHub.


Installing MEO for the SaaS version of Plant an App is not necessary, as it comes directly integrated into the platform; you can directly start using the Version Control feature. See the "Version Control (SaaS) - Configuration and Usage" page.

The Multi-Environment Orchestrator is currently marked as experimental and in the 1.24 release it can only do a (clean) push from your environment to GIT. Other features will follow in upcoming releases.

To use Version Control, you will also need to setup a GIT or GitHub account.


We have devised the following documentation sections to describe how to install and use MEO as part of the Version Control function of Pant an App:

  1. What is MEO? (Multi-Environment Orchestrator) - a general description and overview of the server.
  2. **MEO Prerequisites and Setup** - a list of technical prerequisites for deploying the server.
  3. **MEO Server Setup and Installation** - covers the installation steps of the server.
  4. **MEO Server Configuration** - provides details on how to configure the server.
  5. **Using MEO** - a guide on how to use MEO within the Plant an App **`Version Control`** interface.