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Copy File

Copy a file to another DNN Folder.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
File IdentifierIdentifier for the file. It can be: The file ID (Example: 77), the file path (Example: Images/Cars/Ford.jpg) or the file path from current portal (Example: Portals/0/Images/Cars/Ford.jpg). Supports My Tokens.YesNone
Destination Folder IdentifierThis field supports expressions, by passing the path of the destination folder.NoNone
Ignore errorsNoNone
Output Token NameInput a token name to store the information for the copied file. Tokens created: File Id: [<OutputTokenName>]Absolute URL: [<OutputTokenName>:AbsoluteUrl]Relative URL: [<OutputTokenName>:RelativeUrl]Physical Path: [<OutputTokenName>:PhysicalPath]Link Click: [<OutputTokenName>:LinkClick]NoNone