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Pack folder

This action will create a new archive file containing specified files.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
Directory to archiveAll the files and folders from this directory will be archived.NoNone
Store in folderFolder to write the archive. Use '/' as separator.NoNone
Archive nameSpecify the newly created archive file name (absolute path or relative path to portal). The resulting path must exist, be in current portal but not in the archived folder.NoNone
Archive the subfoldersWhen this option is enabled the subfolders will be archived.NoNone
Archive extensionWhen this option is selected the file extension is ignored.NoNone
File Output Token NameOptionally provide a token name where to store the file information.On submit you'll have access to the following tokens: [OutputTokenName] - Filename on the server, [OutputTokenName:RelativeUrl], [OutputTokenName:AbsoluteUrl], [OutputTokenName:FilePath] - Physical path, [OutputTokenName:LinkClick], [OutputTokenName:FileSize], [OutputTokenName:MimeType], [OutputTokenName:FileId], [OutputTokenName:FolderId].NoNone