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Upload to FTP

Upload a list of files to a FTP server.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
FTP URLThe URL to the FTP Server. It can include a port number and it will be used instead of the default. Supported formats: ftp://{domain}:{port}, {domain}:{port}, ftp://{domain}, {domain}. Can contain My TokensYesNone
UsernameThe username used to login to the FTP Server. Can contain My TokensYesNone
PasswordThe password used to login to the FTP Server. Can contain My TokensYesNone
Use PassiveConnect to the FTP Server using the passive mode (EPSV or PASV). This is recommended if supported by the FTP server.NoNone
Use SSLConnect to the FTP Server using a secured SSL channel.NoNone
Encryption ModeSupported values: Auto, Implicit, Explicit. Default: Auto. Recommended values: Explicit or Auto. The Explicit mode will enforce connecting using TLS/SSL, otherwise failing to connect. The Auto mode will try to establish an Explicit FTPS connection, otherwise it will fallback to plaintext. The Implicit mode is deprecated by the FTP standard, but some implementations require it and you can easily identify those implementations because they will require connection on port 990 and will most likely block any connection on port 21 (which makes Auto or Explicit modes unusable).NoNone
Disable TLS 1.0When this is checked only TLS 1.1 and 1.2 connections will be possible.NoNone
Destination PathThe path on the FTP server where the files will be uploaded. Resulting path: '{DestinationPath}/{FileNameWithExtension}'. Supports tokens.NoNone
File listFiles separated by new line or pipe (|) characterNoNone