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Version: 1.25

Update User Profile

Audience: Citizen Developer

Skill Prerequisites: User Management

This action updates the profile data for a user. It updates the User Profile that is matched (by UserId, Username, or Email) to the value specified in the User Identifier field. It only updates properties that contain values. Both the standard user properties and custom-defined properties can be updated, but the properties must already be defined in the DNN Site Settings at Site Behavior>User Profiles.

Typical Use Cases

  • Use on a form that allows users to update their User Profile.
  • Use in a custom User Management Grid to update a selected user's profile.

Don't use it to

Action NameDescription
User RegistrationCreates a new user. Use in conjunction with Update User Profile to capture all data from a registration form in the correct place in the database.
Send EmailSends an email to one or multiple recipients. Use to notify a user of the profile update.

Input Parameter Reference

The parameters unique to this action are listed below. Review the common parameters for all actions here.

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
User IdentifierThe user identifier (UserId, username, or email) that you want to update. Leave empty to update the current user.Yesempty stringNo
Password FieldSelect a form field from the dropdown to update the user's password or use expressions (EXPR button) to input a custom password or a token.YesNot SelectedNo
Also update Display Name withSelect a form field from the dropdown to update the Display Name of the user or use expressions (EXPR button) to input a custom display name or a token.YesNot SelectedNo
Update Email withSelect a form field from the dropdown to update the user's Email or use expressions (EXPR button) to use a token.YesNot SelectedNo
Additional User PropertiesSet additional user profile properties that should be included in the update process. Click the Add button and then select a User Profile Property from the left dropdown and a form field from the right dropdown to use as the value for the property. Use the EXPR button on either field to specify a custom value or token.YesNone SpecifiedNo