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Version: 1.26 (Current)

Initialize Form And Continue Execution

Audience: Low-code Engineers

Skill Prerequisites: HTML

This action allows you to manually trigger the initialization of a Form.

It is helpful in situations where you have multiple Form modules on the same page, and you set their Display Mode to Manual. This prevents the forms from loading and helps save bandwidth at page load (your page will load a lot faster) while allowing you to initialize them (wake them up) when they are needed.


The page will not be refreshed when a Form is initialized.

Actions Covered by this Document

Initialize Form And Continue ExecutionInitializes the specified Form and then continues to subsequent actions on the button and submission.
Initialize Form And Stop ExecutionOpens the specified Form and then stops further execution of both subsequent actions and HTTP post submission.

Typical Use Cases

  • Show a Form that is not visible by default
  • Re-initialze a form that was already submitted, but has not been closed so multiple entries can be submitted

Don't use it to

  • Open a Form in a pop-up. Use the Open Form Popup action instead.
Action NameDescription
Open Form Popup And Continue Execution Opens a specified Form in a pop-up.
Open Form Popup And Stop Execution Opens a specified Form in a pop-up.

Input Parameter Reference

The parameters unique to this action are listed below. Review the common parameters for all actions here.

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefaultRequired
Select ModuleSelect the Form module you wish to initialize by selecting it from a prepopulated list of all the Forms on the page. Alternatively, select the EXPR button to set it programmatically by switching to an expression to use My Tokens or values based on other fields.YesNone selectedYes
QueryString ParametersOptionally, enter parameters as Name and Value pairs that will be passed to the form being initialized. The values set here will be sent to the Form module and will be available in the Init and PreInit actions using the [QueryString:Parameter] token syntax.YesNoneNo


Output Parameters Reference

NoneDoes not apply to this action

Alternate Method


This action can be accomplished directly from Javascript by calling:

  • dnnsf.api.actionForm.initForm(1234) - when you just want to init the form with module id 1234
  • dnnsf.api.actionForm.initForm(1234, {param1:val1, param2:val2}) - when you also want to pass some parameters to the form with module id 1234