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Version: 1.25

Replace Tokens in Word Document

Tokenize a template DOCX document and create a new document with the result in the specified folder. Please read the documentation on this action before using it.

Parameter Reference

ParameterDescriptionSupports TokensDefault
File IdentifierProvide a file identifier for the template document. This can be a file id or portal relative path. If the path to the file is Portals/0/SomeFolder/SomeDoc.docx, the parameter must receive SomeFolder/SomeDoc.docx. Supports My TokensYesNone
FolderWhere to save the document generated from the template. Leaving this blank will cause the action to save to the Temp folder. Supports My TokensYesNone
PatternOptionally provide a pattern to use for filenames on the server. For example "generated-document-[User:Username]". Leave blank to use a GUID. Supports My TokensYesNone
Handle DuplicatesHow to handle the case in which a file already exists with the same name. Default behavior is to rename the newly generated file.NoNone
Output Token NameProvide a token name in which the newly generated file id will be stored.NoNone